Sunday, February 05, 2006

Land for veggies - Sunday 5th February 2006

LAND FOR VEGGIES - Sunday 5th February 2006

Welcome to Land for Veggies, diary of a veggie patch and the goings on around it.

In this first post we introduce the players in the patch and tell you a little about the patch itself.


Little One
Podcast obsessive, lover of all singer-songwriters and the occasional Fleetwood Mac classic, bon-vivant.

Susie Compost
There's nothing this lady doesn't know about mulch and compost. You could grow babies in her stuff.

Marie Antoinette
When Marie first mooted the idea of the patch, The Good Doctor pooh-poohed the idea. Marie Antonette in her mock shepherd's gear, playing country.

The Good Doctor
Otherwise known as Farmer Joe. Lover of all things Nigella and the victim of a compulsive celeriac addiction.

The patch is in a coastal area of south eastern Australia. The soil is rich loam over clay. The climate is cool with regular sea breezes.

The patch itself is actually two separate patches. Both receive good sun. The first patch has been on the property for at least 10 years, but before it was taken over by the land for veggies team it grew mainly artichokes, which were delicious. The second patch is more recent (2005) and was built over an old bonfire site. It has proved very productive.

Little One, Suzie Compost, Marie Antoinette, and The Good Doctor

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