Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dwats wats - Sunday 19th February 2006

Dwats Wats
Its official we have rats eating our freakin'beans and our beautiful tomatoes so we are going to have to get going on the organic remedies. We haven't tried the sprinkling with white pepper yet but... well... it is time to bring out the big guns. Even though we are loosing some tomatoes to the vermin there is still plenty to go round. We harvested a bumper crop of 4kg but more of that later. This week Marie Antoinette dug up last season lettuces and we planted the new seedlings which are about three weeks old. She also sprinkled sulfate of potash around the runner beans and broad beans.

What a week for the Tomatoes 4kg of the sweetest juiciest "Tommy Toes". Not suprisingly having hacked 1kg from the Basil last w

We Planted
No seeds this week. Marie planted out the new lettuces.

Progress report
The 'Broadies' seem to double their size every week and now wave in the breeze at about 20 cm. We harvested another little cucumber today about 10cm long, the plants look healthy enough but not as prolific as we would have thought. Once again the zucchini's have been kinda disappointing. Our hearts are still warmed by the peas which are doing beautifully . The broccoli are doing well in their little seedling hothouse so ideas for the autumn winter crop are coming together.

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