Saturday, December 06, 2014


Move as much as you can and in as many ways as you can.
Push your body hard enough that it complains regularly but not enough that it complains constantly.

This is a from a running blog I follow, the only running blog I follow if I'm to be honest. But its good. Promise. I remembered this quote today when B asked if an exercise I was doing hurt. I said I thought exercise shouldn't be painful, but exerting yourself physically to a point where your mind pushes back, but you push through, builds endurance and is rewarding.

Pictures on the run

Pictures on the run: wattle in full bloom
I love to run off the beaten track, which is not hard where I live. I try to do new routes regularly. If I see a bushland reserve, or a public track that's well vegetated, I'll run through it. In this way, I've discovered many beautiful  pockets of my 'hood. I generally have my phone with me, and if I see a view or sight I like, or I'm just procrastinating, trying to avoid the next few kms, I take a photo. Here are some of the places I've run through over the past couple of months.
Pictures on the run: view from on high
Pictures on the run: looking through the trees
Pictures on the run: watch out for the branches while you run

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