Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Spring is in the air - Sunday 27 August 2006

Spring is in the air

Sunday 27 August 2006

Oh my lordy what a beautiful day it was - perfect for spending quality time in the patches. As it gets warmer, growth spurts are happening. The spinach or 'spinachi', as we like to call it, is looking promising. Another few weeks and we'll be making Spanakopita like there's no tomorrow. The peas that Little One and I moved a few weeks ago are clinging determinedly to their wire support (the fence), and the Broccoli is making a last stand.

Today in the patch I cut the Lupins that were about to flower in the first patch and dug them back into the soil to give it a good nitrogen fix. I checked under the ground for taters in the second patch, the ones that I covered completely with compost, and lo and behold if there aren't lots of littlies growing all over the joint. I did some weeding in the second patch and looked longingly at all the lettuces, which are still a way off from maturity. I also gave the first patch a good dose of Seasol (seaweed fertiliser).

At home on the balcony, the dill and coriander seedlings are going strong. They are destined for our new regime of companion planting. The balcony is also holding a few successful rosemary cuttings. No action on the mint front, which is disappointing as it's been my experience that any fool can grow mint.

On Monday night (28th) I went to a Peak Oil seminar in Melbourne - questions from the audience to the speakers were mostly about transport but encouragingly a couple of people in the audience stood up and asked about growing veggies in urban areas. More land for veggies, I say.

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