Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Veggieman makes an entrance - Sunday 18 June

Veggieman makes an entrance - Sunday 18 June

Hi, I'm Vegieman, the newest 'Land for veggies' team member. Here is my story of what happened in the patches on Sunday 18 June.

Little One planted some great potatoes at the farm and even planted some lupins to make the soil better. I helped plant some beautiful new cute little peas. They looked great. Little One was surprised the peas were so well made. Then I helped with the foundations of the construction for the new plot and brought over some great big bricks for the foundation of the outer layer. Little One helped with the confusing design of the foundation. It was pretty hard constructing it but we were determined to build this hard construction. We also had to solve the mystery of the rat holes.

Then, about an hour later, we were done, and you know what? We were proud of ourselves! And then . . . Yes! Yes! Hooray . . I finally found the entry and the exit to the rat incident that occurred. Although it was strange that the entrance we thought was the actual entrance, was the exit. Good Work! Veggieman. You've done it!

Then, some time later, we looked at the potatoes to see if they were ready to harvest. Sadly our potatoes weren't ready to harvest, but luckily they should be ready to harvest next week.

Veggieman, signing off now.


  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Dear Veggieman
    As a 'new' gardener, I have need some advice.
    (i) do I need to plant seed potatoes where they gets lots/some/no sun?
    (ii) Do rats eat vegies? My Mum's veggies have been eaten overnight. Maybe it's just varmint possums? What should we do?
    Thanks and good luck with your lupins!
    Reader from Caulfield South

  2. Potatoes should have no sun. And yes rats do eat veggies. If the potatoes get sun they go green, which is bad cause green is toxic. If you don't want rats eating your veggies I suggest that you build a kind of protection or make a wall made out of bricks (cause spray does NOT do the job.) Also block all of the possible entrances that the rats could get through.