Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Slash and compost - Sunday 21 May

Slash and compost

Sunday 21 May 2006

Having been absent for sometime I returned to the farm for a big day in the veggie patch. The 3 degree mornings pretty much tell us that the last of the tomatoes won't be ripening and it is time we ripped them out to get the patch ready for summer (after much promoting from Marie Antoinette.) Notable absentees this weekend are The Good Doctor and Suzie Compost. We toyed with the idea of stealing one of the Good Doctor's prize celeriacs but knew they would notice upon their return from sunnier climes, so we let them be (this time).

So instead of enjoying a delicious feast and a glass of red, it was a quick bowl of soup and the donning of a collection of very daggy jumpers (function over form this time) before we embarked upon a most enjoyable slash and compost. It was very cold but after a while we were all warmed up.

An interesting development

Some months back we posted 'Dwats we have wats'. At the time we knew something was eating our beans and tomatoes ... Well clearing away 'le foret des tomates' revealed how the 'mystery critters' made their way into paradise. They dug tunnels! Photos of the crime scene are submitted as evidence. Of course Marie Antoinette took the opportunity to again remind me that had we cut the tomatoes back more we would have seen the little ratty pathway. We are not one hundred per cent not sure what the critter is. It may be some other kinda rodent... there was mention of 'bush rats'or native rats. This presents issues for us and our desire to share our produce with the other inhabitants of the farm.

So we cleared the tomatoes, basil and capsicums, turned the soil and planted lupins to put nitrigeon back into the soil.

In the other patch things are progressing well. The broad beans are two feet high but still no beans. We were worried but we read that they take much longer in winter so we have to be patient. The big excitement was the broccoli. We decided to harvest out first head. I got to take it home and ate it that night! My God how beautiful, crisp and sweet; not rubbery like the old thing in the bottom of my fridge. If the cauliflower tastes that good fresh I could be tempted to reasses my 35 year old aversion. While I finshed off 'lupining' the tomato patch, Marie planted out the cauliflower. The patch is hanging in there - we have had very little rain and the Good Doctor is not down there giving it a drink of water. The potatoes are going great guns so hopefully we will have enough for a kipfler feast.

We finished up after dark with Marie assisting me in lower patch with a torch. Everything looked grand after what was a great day in the patch.

As lovely and invigorating as the day was I personally can't wait til the whole gang is reunited! Until then ' more land for veggies!'

Little One